Ahlia is one of the few leading food brands in Kuwait with an experience of over two decades, and an excellent track record for producing premium quality food products with high quality standards. Our values stems from integrity, exceptional service, trust, reliability and fulfilling our consumers wishes.

Over the years, Ahlia Group has emerged to be the market leader, prime importer, retailer, processor and distributor of spices, herbs, pulses and other food products.



Since our inception in 1996, Ahlia Group has grown leaps and bounds. All through our modest beginnings, we had maintained our vision and set eyes on accomplishing goals and eventually emerged as the market leader, surpassing the many brands that started earlier.

Our commitment to serve congenially and our unfailing willingness to provide our consumers the best quality products has made us the leader both in the industry and in the regions where we serve.



Our loyalty has always been with the satisfaction of our consumers. Providing authentic and consumer-worthy products has been our priority in maintaining quality standards and also in providing continual satisfaction for our customers.

We have been overwhelmed with brand loyalty from customer experiences as old as Ahlia itself.

Our commitment has been to serve first and sell later. This moral characteristic has brought us far into our business.



Originality is what Ahlia strives for in our every day business – To be the first in everything we do and to bring out the ingenuity in our products by delivering customer preferences.

Our slogan ‘ahlia… Original taste’ has been coined to display our authenticity everywhere we go.

Ahlia Group has gone far and wide to prove that we live by our slogan and make every day of our products better than the day before.



Ahlia has invested a major share in adapting to the changing world. We have transitioned and diversified in penetrating into emerging markets and technology.

Using technology, we were the first ones to focus on taking to our customers uncontaminated products through the efficient use of machinery. In customer satisfaction, we were the first company that focussed on not selling products, but sharing consumer experiences within the marketplace.